Posted by: jessicasmall | April 19, 2007

MyTASC Launch!

Our newly designed web site is off and flying!   Due to the tremendous response to MyTASC, we have been experiencing exceptionally high phone, web, and e-mail traffic.  That is not a bad problem to have.  We appreciate the fact that we have a customer base that cares, is using our system, and actually likes our new processes.  This is all very positive.  However, at the moment, your response is overwhelming the system.

Now, rest assured, TASC is quite prepared to handle the service needs of its nearly 200,000 Participants, tens of thousands of Clients, and 7,000 Providers.   The issue as it stands right now, is attempting to serve all these individuals at the same time.

I urge you to be patient, whether it is on the phone, attempting to access MyTASC, or while waiting  for an e-mail.  Every effort is being made to focus on serving our customer first when it comes to freeing up our resources. This includes dealing with the most important transactions, like the movement of money in and out of the system and displaying those transactions on-line, as soon as possible.

We continue to have faith in our new system.  And I firmly believe that once this initial rush passes, you too will be very pleased with all  MyTASC as to offer.  Thank you for understanding.

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