Posted by: jessicasmall | April 19, 2007

MyTASC Day Two!

Day one of the launch is behind us.  What a day!  We expect to be a little overwhelmed again today given the positive results and usage of the new site thus far.  Over 2,500 phone calls and double that number accessing the web site.  Calls are lasting longer than usual as we assist individuals login with their new credentials, perform the function they need to complete, and provide general navigation education.  Web connections and use is experiencing  longer than usual sessions as well.

The combination of high volume and longer session lengths will continue to be taxing.  TASC was prepared, however, you  may experience some issues when accessing TASC for a short time as the “pipe” become very full.  TASC has engineered its “pipes” to be well ahead of our needs based on the number of customers we served now and for the expected growth of the next few years.  Spikes in traffic were expected and planned for, but not to the level we are experiencing here in the first few days post launch.

The initial feedback we have received regarding the web site is very positive.  You are telling us that the navigation is much easier, that you appreciate the access to more information, and that the features we have added will increase service levels.  The frustration some user are feeling is due to the reasons mentioned and will be short lived.  On Day Two since the launch, we will continue to handle the high volume and know that once we get through this wave of migrating customers to the new system and the normal flow of transactions returns, we are very well equipped to serve you at a fast, asscessible and accurate level.

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