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Doug Weisenberger


Doug with his wife Kim and Dan Rashke

Back in 2000, we established the Honorary TASC Club Award to recognize those individuals who have had a significant impact on the evolution, development, and perpetuation of TASC. Award recipients include former TASC Board of Advisors members Frank Bastian, Ron Myren, and Glen Pulver, Providers Rich Kielman and Berwyn Westra, former Regional Sales Directors Norm McMurtrie and Tom Pugliano, the owner of a TASC acquisition, Robert Bunbury, and long-time TASC executive Maurie Ash.

It was with great pleasure that we recently inducted long time Board of Advisor member Doug Weisenberger into the Honorary TASC Club. I met Doug in 1987, when he contracted as a FlexSystem Provider with TASC. Backing up a bit… We first learned about Doug from his wife Kim, a graphic designer, who at the time was helping my father (Don Rashke) create a presentation. When Kim learned about TASC, she suggested that her husband could help us grow. Boy, was she right.

Certified in Long-Term Care, Doug wears many hats. He’s an Investment Representative, a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Life Underwriter, and a Chartered Financial Consultant. Since starting his career with North Star Resource Group in 1981, Doug has maintained a philosophy that every employee benefits plan must be viewed as a corporate asset, not a corporate liability.

Shortly after contracting with TASC he signed up Madison Family Dental as his first FlexSystem Client. And today, more than 25 years later, Madison Family Dental is still a TASC Client. Doug was also instrumental in an initiative with other Providers to promote AgriPlan and BizPlan to more customers.


CEO Dan Rashke thanks Doug for his contributions to TASC over the past 13 years.

As a member of the TASC Board, Doug demonstrated his thoughtful and deliberate manner on many occasions. He helped TASC through good and tenuous times alike, with innovative counsel and guidance. Doug assisted with the evolution of the TASC Card and TASC’s shift toward increasing acquisitions and expanding service offerings.

Throughout the years Doug has been a dynamic force in finding potential board members. He has gone out of his way in countless ways to set up and facilitate meetings with prospective board members. It was through Doug’s help that we added Mike Petrushka to the TASC Board.

After 13 years as a Board member, Doug officially retired from the TASC Board on Friday, November 7th. In true Doug fashion, when making this decision to step down he deliberated within the broader context of TASC’s future and the importance of evolving the Board’s makeup through time. I thank him for his time, effort, and friendship.

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Boss Lift

Group in front of PlaneToday is Veterans Day and on behalf of TASC and our management team and staff I want to thank veterans who have done their part to protect our freedom and independence. In July, I was honored to sign an “Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Statement of Support.” The Statement aims to increase employer support and encourages employers to act as advocates for employee participation in the military. Supportive employers are vital to maintaining the strength and readiness of the nation’s Guard and Reserve units.

In August, along with other supportive employers from southeast Wisconsin, I participated in “Boss Lift,” an air refueling mission with ESGR and the 128th Air Refueling Wing. What a great opportunity! We visited military installations to see, firsthand, the quality of training and leadership activities that our uniformed employees receive.DSC09036

As someone with no military background, the Boss Lift event showed me firsthand some of what our soldiers do when they are away from their civilian jobs, and helped me better understand our troops who are coming home and rejoining the workforce. As an employer, it made me even prouder to do our part.

Wisconsin National Guard Command Sgt. Maj. Bradley Shields from Madison, Wisconsin, said events like Boss Lift are important. “The support employers provide is critical to our success,” Shields said. “Without it, our Soldiers could not support our state and country like they do.”

At TASC we will continue to do whatever we can do to support our service members, help returning veterans transition into civilian jobs, and show our appreciation for what our service members do.

Happy Veterans Day.

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Get Out the Vote!

It’s Election Day in America and I encourage you to vote. I have made no secret of my commitment to making a difference in my community. I believe that voting is the single most important way you can make a difference in your community. That is why I encourage you to take the time to vote and exercise your rights.

Here are five reasons you should vote:

  1. Every vote makes a difference. Some of this year’s races could come down to a few votes.
  2. It’s your money. The representatives you vote for are ultimately responsible for spending your tax dollars.
  3. Voting promotes change. As author and teacher Sharon Salzberg says “Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world.”
  4. It’s your public duty. For most of us, it represents the only voice we have in the governing of our society.
  5. Voting is tied to your occupational advancement and wealth. Many elected officials have direct influence on legislation related to minimum wage, fair employment practices, pay equity, and health insurance.

As Larry J. Sabato of Pendulum Swing stated, “Every election is determined by the people who show up.”

Posted by: danielrashke | October 29, 2014

It takes a village to innovate!

Recently, TASC’s Chief Development Officer (CDO) Pam Reynolds and TASC were designated as “2014 Innovators” by the Institute of Healthcare Consumerism (IHCC). Pam was specifically recognized for her outstanding leadership and innovative healthcare benefits solutions. I couldn’t agree more.

In presenting this award, the IHCC praised Pam for the development of the TASC Card with its MyCash innovation, a revolutionary way to pay for eligible healthcare expenses and spend funds reimbursed from a cardholder’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA), all on one card. With MyCash, claim reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses are automatically deposited into a separate cash account that is accessible through the TASC Card for non-FSA purchases.

Speaking of the TASC Card and Pam’s involvement in its development, Elaine Harkins, Vice President of MasterCard Worldwide said, “With the addition of MyCash, TASC has transformed the limited-use FSA card into a general purpose payments tool and means of accessing funds in Participants’ tax-advantaged accounts. This increases Participants’ engagement with their FSA and health plans overall. Pam (Reynolds) has been instrumental in developing this solution and ensuring its success.”

When Pam joined TASC in 2000, the company offered five services only, with a team of roughly 60 employees. Today, TASC provides nearly 20 services via a team of close to 1,000 employees. Drawing on her experience with strategic planning, performance measurement, process management, and financial analysis, Pam helped TASC develop many service offerings, including DirectPay Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), COBRAToday, and TASC’s Health Savings Account (HSA). She is actively involved in developing and managing TASC’s Strategy System of Management and assists the organization in charting and executing the Plan to realize TASC’s future.

Pam is just one of TASC’s talented and committed employees. No Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can build a successful business without a foundation of qualified employees. Pam Reynolds and all on our team work hard to ensure that TASC remains a high performing business. And we all benefit from that.

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Boards – Not Just For CEOs

Recently I was pleased to participate in a panel discussion for the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Foundation. Corporate giving was our topic, and also on the panel were Julie Bauer of Alliant Energy, and Boris Frank, who served as facilitator. Boris has more than 40 years of non-profit experience, including 25 years teaching non-profit management and fundraising for the University of Wisconsin system.

Representing technical colleges from all over Wisconsin, the attendees had come together to learn the best methods for approaching corporations like TASC for support. We discussed many innovative ideas, including building a relationship with a corporation, understanding the causes that are important to a corporation, knowing the best time to approach a corporation, and more.

On the topic of building relationships, one attendee asked about approaching the leader of a corporation to serve on a foundation’s board. My advice to any organization looking for Board members: don’t get stuck thinking your board must include Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) only. Limiting your search that way really overlooks a ton of savvy, insightful, and experienced individuals. Speaking of my own leadership team at TASC, without hesitation I would endorse any of my officers and executive vice presidents as potential board members.

Besides understanding business and being members of our communities, individuals in positions such as these usually have considerable influence over their company’s corporate giving program. These professionals have the time, talent, and resources to bring to any board the heart of TASC’s philanthropic philosophy: give of your time, give of your mind, and give of your money.

When you join the board of an organization, it’s important to follow this philosophy; give of your time and mind, in addition to giving financially. Show up for meetings, participate actively, and offer your input freely. Only by combining all three ways of giving will you be fully committed to the organization, and will the organization fully benefit from all you have to offer. This commitment holds true whether you are the CEO, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the President, an Executive Vice President, or a Customer Service Representative. And I wouldn’t overlook any of those titles when searching for board members. You never know where the next great board member is!

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